Aluminium Louvres (fixed)

With stylish and versatile designs that can be customised to meet almost any specification, aluminium louvres are the smart choice for homes and businesses that want to take advantage of the security, durability and reliability that aluminium brings.

While aluminium louvres have traditionally been used to ventilate, secure and protect access areas, architects and designers are increasingly recognising louvres as a contemporary and practical way of aesthetically enhancing projects, while creating ventilation, sun protection and security.

ALUPLAN specialises in designing, manufacturing and installing aluminium louvres for various commercial and residential applications. The most common usage is for door or 'window' ventilation, shutters and screens, as well as gates. The louvres can also be used as a facade to protect and facelift building areas.

Glass Louvres

Glass louvres are the perfect way to keep your home, business or factory cool and ventilated while still remaining secure and durable.

We can create custom glass louvres to meet any specification, either as a replacement for an existing window or as new. All of our louvres are constructed to our exacting specifications that are easy to use and practical.

Adjustable Louvres allow you the greatest flow of air of any window when fully open. The air flow is able to be varied by changing the pitch of the louvres. Louvres allow an almost unrestricted view while maintaining ventilation.

For customised aluminium louvre solutions for all residential and commercial customers please feel free to contact ALUPLAN ARCHITECTURAL ALUMINIUM.
Download a printable PDF version with typical section details and elevations here.
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